Registration of representative offices in BCCI

BCCI supports more than 40 years ago a commercial register of Bulgarian companies and other entities, which is voluntary.

Maintaining the commercial register of the BCCI is not an end. Its principal function is the priority targets and public service and business issue and subsequent certification of documents that support entrepreneurs to carry out foreign trade activity.

Benefits of Single Business Register:

a) centralized – are registered companies, associations and others. throughout the country, without needing their representatives come to Sofia for this. The Court has appointed its representatives to the 28 regional chambers of commerce and industry / chambers, members of the unified system of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce / Chambers that spot collected and processed documents for registration;

b) registration is uniform in application forms and uniform rules and practices.

c) Universal – established companies are registered under the Commercial Code, Law on associations of legal persons for-profit cooperatives under the Cooperatives Act, enterprises, institutes, companies chl.357 of OCA and dr.pravni entities.

d) the information is introduced for companies declared bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings;

e) publicanyone who wants (Bulgarian or foreign national) may obtain a statement from him. There is free access to the registry of the Court’s website at INTERNET – Bulgarian and English versions. Daily basis – data is visited by approximately 1,000 customers.